Case Of Casual Leave Application Format For Employee

Every association gives its agents casual work leave so they can do their forthcoming works and besides get some rest. Delegates can take this accommodating leave any day in a month. To, the benefit of this casual leave one worker needs to make a model nice leave application. In this manner, here I am giving a Sample and example of a casual leave application for urgent work. See this model letter underneath…

Sample Of Casual Leave Application For Urgent Work:

Date: 04.11.2018


The Managing Director

Association Name

Association Address

Sub: (Casual Leave Letter For Employee)

Respected Sir/Madam

I Moumita Sen (your name) working at your supposed office as Digital Developer (Your Designation) from the past 3 years. I am creating this application to request you that I have to take my nice step by step leave (state your reason) on 05.11.2018 (date you have to vanish).

On that day I have a couple of errands at home which I need to finish. Consequently, I request you to give me leave on that day.

Offering thanks toward You

Yours Faithfully

Moumita Sen (your name)

Progressed Developer (Your Designation)