Sample Cash Credit Facility Request Letter To Bank!

The bank increases the cash credit facility only when your account profile meets the eligibility and conditions for taking credit and you are able to handle a higher amount of loan amount. However, when you apply to increase the cash credit facility yourself, there is a possibility that your application may also be rejected at some point. That’s why let’s now see how to write a perfect cash credit facility request letter to bank

Format Of Cash Credit Facility Request Letter To Bank:


Branch Manager,

Bank Name,

Branch Name

Sub: Request for increase cash credit facility 

Dear Sir/Madam,

It’s specified that I’ve been utilizing your bank as an account holder for the last 7 years. Now I need to increase my company’s cash credit facility and banking requirements.

As you most likely are aware, we are a developing endeavor with correspondingly expanding capital necessities. We have encased for your data, our ongoing budget reports alongside our field-tested strategy and financial plan for the coming monetary year. 

In view of our figures, we foresee requiring a credit facility of roughly [Amount Of Credit Facility]. 

We would demand you to benevolently furnish us with a financing proposition which you think would fulfill our necessities. For any inquiries, it would be ideal if you don't hesitate to reach me legitimately. 

Much obliged to you ahead of time for your foreseen co-activity. I would incredibly value you’re executing this solicitation at your most punctual accommodation.

Yours faithfully,

Your name


Contact no. and signature…